RNC-Saint Paul, My veiws

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RNC-Saint Paul, My veiws

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:34 pm

Saint Paul is preparing for Massive protests estimated at over 50,000 People, including anarchist groups and extremist. The (very small) conservative population seems to have the diluted Ideals that the Democratic supporters in the city are flower tooting hippies, But the facts show that the majority of the Liberals live in the low income high crime and high violence areas for both Minneapolis and saint paul.

I can only assume this will be a violent event, and I would not be disappointed if it was. It is not only insulting but very blatantly disrespectful of the conservatives to set up shop in a State much less a city that is considered one of the most liberal places in the United States.

Oddly enough Saint Paul being around 75% Liberal has had strings of Conservative mayors, and governors. Corruption and rigged elections are obviously a problem. And I wouldn't be surprised if Minnesota having Mc Cain's buddy Our governor; voted conservative for the first time in over 20 years in the presidential elections.

My Ideal out come of this is that If some Riots broke out and protesters overcame the police and security and literally STOPPED the convention. The republicans are so into spreading their beliefs in places that don't wanna have it, but usually those places are thousands of miles away and they never step foot in the area. This time its different. They will be in the middle of a area in which i am lightly comparing to Baghdad in the sense that hardly anyone who lives here wants them here and isn't goign to let them get away with this atrocity with out resistance. I hope the event that unfold, to what ever extent teach these self ass holes that they are not as liked as they would have to believe. Hopefully no one will be hurt during all this, but its more then likely the police will beat a few people, so I can only hope the favor is returned.

I am not affiliated or Planning to assist in the protests in anyway. I am merely stating my opinion. So NSA stay off my ass.


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